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Comparison of the omp I gene of Chlamydia psittaci between isolates in Victorian koalas and other animal species


Department of Microbiology, Monash Medical School, Alfred Hospital, Prahran, Victoria 318

Objective   The objective of this study is to compare the strain of chlamydia causing genital infection in koalas from Victoria with isolates from other animal species.
Design   Polymerase chain reaction and restriction enzyme analysis has been used to compare various Chlamydiapsittaci isolates from a range of animals and disease syndromes.The isolates used in this study include isolates from three birds, three from aborted sheep, one from polyarthritis, one from bovine abortion, one from feline pneumonitis, three porcine isolates from faeces, polyarthritis and abortion, and three urogenital isolates from Victorian koalas.
Procedure   Two polymerase chain reactions were performed, each amplifying a different region of the omp I gene. The first polymerase chain reaction amplified a144 bp segment of the gene which was then digested with the restriction enzyme EcoR I. The second polymerase chain reaction amplified a larger 1070 bp region of the omp I gene which was digested with two restriction enzymes Alu I and Nde 11.
Results and conclusions   The results obtained have confirmed that variation in DNA sequence of various animal chlamydia isolatesdoes occur. They have also shown that it is possible to classify isolates, based on their restriction enzyme profiles, into distinct groups.

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