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Improved Media for Isolation of Fecal Bacteria in Koalas

Yukiko HARA-KUDO,1,* Yoshimi BENNO,2 Hideki HAYASHIDANI,1 Ken-ichi KANEKO1 and Masuo OGAWA1

1Department of Veterinary Medicine, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Fuchu, Tokyo 183

2Japan Collection of Microorganisms, The Institute of Physical nd Chemical Research (RIKEN), Wako, Saitama 351-01


Five non-selective media (medium 10, medium 10 supplemented with 1% extract of eucalyptus leaves, medium 10 with 1% fecal extract of koala, M98-5 and EG agar) by the plate-in-bottle method and two non-selective media (EG agar plate and BL agar plate) by ananaerobic jar method were evaluated for isolation of fecal bacteria in koalas. The predominant isolates were bacteroidaceae, clostridia and eubacteria as obligate anaerobes and enterobacteriaceae as facultative anaerobes. EG agar by the plate-in-bottle method was a suitable medium for isolation of obligate fecal anaerobes from the animals. All the isolates could not be identified to species presently recognized by using currently accepted identification protocols.

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