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On the Male Generative Organs of the Koala (Phascolarctos cinereus)




Assistant Lecturer on Anatomy, Owens College, Manchester. (Plate XVIII.)


TAKING into consideration the position of typical pre-eminence amongst the Marsupialia which has been claimed for the Koala1, because of its manifold structural modifications, it is somewhat surprising to find that there are many points of anatomical interest of which, so far as I am aware, no detailed description exists.

Professor W. Boyd Dawkins recently placed at my disposal the well-preserved body of an adult male Koala, and so, by his kindness, afforded me the opportunity of investigating the anatomy of the species; whilst still more recently a second specimen (also a well-developed male) having come into my possession, I have been enabled thereby to corroborate and verify former observations.

As a contribution to the anatomy of Phascolarctos, the object of the present paper is to point out the structural peculiarities of the genito-urinary system in the male: this I do with less hesitation, seeing that hitherto no complete account of them has been published.

Note - In the following description all measurements are taken from the larger of the two specimens examined-this, from the tip of the nose to the end of the rudimentary tail, being 2 feet 2½ inches in length.

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